Food and nutrition

At Oak House we put great emphasis on diet and nutrition as this is important for the physical and mental wellbeing of residents.

Our kitchen team cater for a range of special diets or individual needs and have the support of Leicestershire nutrition and dietetic service should we encounter specific problems.

Our menu system is based around traditional British dishes. We introduce new dishes, specials and seasonal changes each rotation as residents tastes and preferences change.  The home has hydration stations and a snack area, which are accessible 24hrs a day.

One of our most significant tasks is managing residents’ health through food. This goes well beyond just the makeup of the food and includes providing choice, variety and the right environment; from the tablecloths, napkins and table settings through to arranging seating plans to help residents feel most relaxed.

The dining experience and nutrition strategies in place at Oak House have seen the home win various accolades over the years.